Action Alert: Ch 42 – Residential Buffering Standards

Troy Allen Featured, Legislative Priorities

The City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department has proposed several changes to Chapter 42 as it relates to narrow lots of 40 feet or less. The most concerning change is the push for shared driveways on these properties. All units built on subdivided lots will be required to have a shared drive.  

The current standard is an approximately 15-foot approach on a single drive. The City is proposing a combined drive for up to two units that is a Y shape with a 24-foot approach that flares out as you enter the drive.  

On March 16, a group of GHBA members attended the Planning & Development Commission meeting to speak out against these changes, pointing out the issues homeowners are likely to face if these changes come to fruition.  

The issue has also come before the Livable Places Committee and in the future will be open for public comment.   

We urge you to take action by contacting your Houston City Council members.


Want to get involved in addressing this issue? Contact GHBA Director of Government Affairs Troy Allen at (281) 664-1430 or