Rebuilding with Confidence

The members of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) want to express their heartfelt sympathies to anyone affected by the recent extreme weather events and power outages across the State of Texas.

The professional building and remodeling community stands ready to assist our neighbors as we work to rebuild the homes and communities that have been destroyed or damaged.

As you begin to assess the damage to your home and property, we would like to help you make an informed decision regarding your contractor choice. Before you hire a contractor, we strongly encourage you to do your homework to ensure that you are hiring a reputable, qualified individual or company to help you rebuild your home or business. The following articles offer helpful tips to get started.

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Video Resources for Homeowners

Water-damaged home? Professional Houston builder Matt Sneller, CAPS, GMB, CGP and remodeler Dan Bawden, GMB, CAPS, CGR, CGP, JD, share quick tips and FAQs for homeowners dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Intro with AIMEE BERTRAND, CEO of the GHBA
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Recovery FAQ with Dan Bawden
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How long to wait before installing new sheetrock?
What should I keep, what should I toss?
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