Government Affairs Committee

Advocating for You at Every Level

Be an advocate! GHBA encourages all of its members to become actively involved in the GHBA Government Affairs Program. Together we work to protect our industry from over-regulation by monitoring codes, ordinances and legislation that directly impacts the homebuilding industry, and by communicating directly with elected officials and policy makers.

The committee works closely with the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) on state issues and has direct contact with the 42 state legislators in our area, as well as county and city officials. Although the program's primary focus is at the state and local levels, the committee monitors and provides input on federal legislation and agency activity directly to our Federal officials and through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The GHBA Government Affairs team promotes home building and home ownership in a variety of ways...

We support candidates and issues that are good for Houston's homeowners and the home building industry as a whole.

GHBA identifies local issues that could increase the costs of building, remodeling or buying homes. We work with local officials to resolve these issues while preserving consumer interests.

Legislators propose thousands of new bills every session... many that affect home building. We read them all, so we can support the good ones and oppose the bad.

It is important that we fight to keep Houston prosperous by providing a housing market open to all income levels. Help us fight for you!


Advocacy News

Government Notices

Sept. 1, 2023

Storm Checklist for Residential Projects Tract Size Less Than 15,000 Sq. Ft.

Apr. 28, 2023

Liberty County Fair Housing Requirements


Make our industry voice heard! Join 150 builders and associates for a day of advocacy at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. This is your opportunity to speak directly with your legislators and lobby important issues facing our industry.

Your attendance is important. By attending Rally Day, you serve as the strongest representation of the Texas residential construction, remodeling and development industry.

Rally Day won't happen again until 2021, so don't miss this opportunity to build relationships within the GHBA and with decision-makers in your state capitol!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in Austin, Texas

Cost: $55
Registration Deadline: Friday, March 1

Legislative Rally Day 2019

Rally Day Events Include:

  • Policy Briefings and Talking Points
  • Transportation to Austin
  • Group Photo on the Texas Capitol Steps
  • Welcome Ceremony with Keynote Speaker
  • Luncheon with Delegation Members
  • Face-to-Face Meetings with Your Local Legislators & Key Policy Staff
  • Dinner with Adult Beverages
  • Transportation Home

HOME-PAC: Can you afford NOT to participate?

HOME-PAC, the political action committee of the Greater Houston Builders Association, is an essential part of GHBA’s advocacy program.

HOME-PAC directs financial support of the homebuilding industry and is committed to protecting housing affordability and consumer choices. Through your contribution, we are able to pool our resources and unite to support the best qualified, pro-housing candidates for local and state office.

Changes in state law or regulations could be detrimental to your business. Your contribution to GHBA's HOME-PAC is an investment in your company's future and the future of our industry. It is one of the most affordable options for political involvement.


Committee Meetings & Events

The Government Affairs Committee and HOME-PAC meet on an as-needed basis contingent upon legislative issues that arise on a local, state and national level.

Additionally, a Codes & Standards Subcommittee meets during local code review cycles and an In-Town Builders Task Force meets to address local building issues. If you are interested in either subcommittee, you must be a member of the Government Affairs Committee.

Here's what our members say:



Government Affairs Committee Co-Chairs
Kristal Casey, Unicorn Service Solutions
Jason Gustafson, Gustafson Group Inc.

HOME-PAC Co-Chairs
Jim Holcomb, Holcomb Properties
Mike Moody, Newmark Homes Houston LLC

Codes & Standards Subcommittee Chair
John Williams, K. Hovnanian Family of Builders - Houston

Staff Contact:

Cody Miller
Director of Government Affairs