2024 Local & Runoff Election Voters Guide

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HOME-PAC, the political action committee of the Greater Houston Builders Association, is an essential part of GHBA’s advocacy program.

HOME-PAC directs financial support of the homebuilding industry and is committed to protecting housing affordability and consumer choices. Through your contribution, we are able to pool our resources and unite to support the best qualified, pro-housing candidates for local and state office. GHBA’s HOME-PAC empowers our members to help shape the political environment and elect candidates who will support our industry’s goal to provide Texans the opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership.

The following is HOME-PAC’s voters guide for the 2024 local and runoff elections. Please note that primary elections are held by political parties, thus the political affiliation of the candidate is listed next to their name. Not all candidates will be on your ballot. For more information about where and when you can vote, please visit the elections office for the county in which you reside. 


Runoff Election June 15, 2024

Early Voting
June 3 – 7
June 10 – 11 

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