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HOME-PAC, the political action committee of the Greater Houston Builders Association, is an essential part of GHBA’s advocacy program.

HOME-PAC directs financial support of the homebuilding industry and is committed to protecting housing affordability and consumer choices. Through your contribution, we are able to pool our resources and unite to support the best qualified, pro-housing candidates for local and state office. GHBA's HOME-PAC empowers our members to help shape the political environment and elect candidates who will support our industry's goal to provide Texans the opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership.

Changes in state law or regulations could be detrimental to your business. Your contribution to GHBA's HOME-PAC is an investment in your company's future and the future of our industry. It is one of the most affordable options for political involvement.


Election Recap & Runoff Voter Guide


The candidates endorsed by GHBA's HOME-PAC had an excellent showing on election night. Our mayoral candidate, Senator John Whitmire, will head into a runoff with Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee. On election night, Whitmire garnered 42.5% of the vote to Jackson Lee's 35.6%.

The race is still not over, and our candidates need your support! Early voting runs from Nov 27 to Dec 5. And Saturday, December 9 is the run-off election.

Eight candidates endorsed by HOME-PAC outright won their races on election night, including:
District A: Amy Peck
District B: Tarsha Jackson
District C: Abbie Kamin
District F: Tiffany Thomas
District I: Joaquin Martinez
District J: Ed Pollard
District K: Martha Castex-Tatum
At Large 5: Sallie Alcorn

HOME-PAC Endorsed Candidates headed to competitive run-offs include:
District D: Carolyn Evans-Shabazz
District G: Mary Nan Huffman
District H: Mario Castillo
At Large 2: Nick Hellyar
At Large 3: Twila Carter
At Large 4: Letitia Plummer

After the general election, HOME-PAC has made some additional endorsements in the run-off, including:
Controller: Chris Hollins
At Large 1: Melanie Miles

Each election cycle, GHBA's HOME-PAC Trustees come together to evaluate and endorse candidates across our region they have identified as friends to the homebuilding industry. This list of endorsements highlights those candidates and can help you identify candidates with a pro-housing history! Print it out, and bring it with you to the polls.

Help Us Fight for You!

No matter what government hurdle our industry faces there are only two tools to succeed: persuasion and power. HOME-PAC gives us political power. We need to speak as one industry with one voice.

It is through voluntary contributions that HOME-PAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the residential construction and development industry in Texas. For as little as $250/year you can help support industry-friendly candidates for local office as a Sustaining Member. As an added benefit, HOME-PAC Trustees and Sustaining Members are invited to join their elected officials at special events throughout the year at no additional cost. These events provide an exclusive opportunity to meet face to face with the decision-makers in the greater Houston area.

Without HOME-PAC’s participation, decisions affecting the future of the residential building industry will be influenced by other industries and groups, many of whom represent interests directly opposed to our own. It’s only through the voluntary contributions of our members that HOME-PAC can help preserve a positive political climate for the home building and development industry in Houston.

In 2022, HOME-PAC:

  • Raised over $400,000 to invest in pro-housing candidates.
  • Endorsed more than 50 candidates as they ran in the midterm election.
  • Attended at least 100 fundraisers and other political events.
  • Contributed more than $420,000 to various candidates up and down the ballot.
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How Does HOME-PAC Work?

HOME-PAC, is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of Greater Houston Builders Association members who contribute $1,000 or more annually. These trustees determine which political candidates will receive support based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate’s voting record on issues important to the home building industry
  • The candidate’s membership on key committees that consider legislation important to home builders
  • The candidate’s leadership position
  • The candidate’s understanding of the issues facing home builders and readiness to assist in advocating or defeating legislation and regulation important to our industry

It Pays to Be a Member

Trustee Membership $1,000+

  • Access to over 100 political events every year
  • Vote to approve slate of endorsed candidates
  • Special access to HOME-PAC VIP events

Sustaining & Foundation Membership $1-$999

  • Low-time commitment opportunity to contribute to the fundraising success of HOME-PAC

Introductory Year Membership $500

  • Limited to first-time contributors only
  • Access to over 100 political events every year
  • Special access to HOME-PAC VIP events



Owner's Club - $25,000
Chairman’s Club - $10,000+
President’s Club - $5,000
Governor’s Club - $3,000
Capitol Club - $2,000
Council Club - $1,000


Introductory Year Trustee - $500
Sustaining - $250 - $999
Foundation - $1 - $249

Donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

I'll Support HOME-PAC!

Thank You 2023 HOME-PAC Trustees!

Owner's Club
Jim Holcomb, Chairman
Mike Moody, Co-Chair
Jason Golan
Jim Lemming
Ivan Madrigal
David Weekley

Chairman's Club
Kathy Britton
Mike Manners
Michael Smith

President's Club
Peter Barnhart
Mike Dishberger
Harry Masterson
Danny Signorelli

Governor's Club
Kristal Casey
Jeff Dye
Carlos Fraga
James Goettee
Jason Gustafson
Juan Serna
Laurie Wilson

Capitol Club
John Chiang
Lisa Clark
Howard Cohen
Jennifer Hamelet
Randy Jones
Diana Miller
Dustin O’Neal
Andrew Paderanga
Jon Skeele
Ed Taravella

Council Club
Adam Aschmann
Adam Bakir
Aimee Bertrand
Juliana Bihlet
Chris Bolio
Michael Brisch
Russ Bynum
David Castle
Bill Dalton
David Eastwood
Austin Garrett
Shannon Gaskamp
Mark Gehringer
Allen Griffin
David Hodges
Kristen Hogan
Kathy Howard
Eric Hymowitz
Jim Jenkins
Michael Johnson
Patti Joiner
Ravi Kaku
Alex Kamkar
Jennifer Keller
Paul Lamnatos
Trey Lary
Jeremy Linzer
Keith Luechtefeld
Angie Lutz
Sharone Mayberry
Scott Merovitch
Kevin Stuckey     
Richard Mazzarino
Richard Muller
Terry Nesch
David Oliver
Parke Patterson
Bryan Phillips
Roxanne Plasencia
Katie Pritchard
Jeffrey Rogers
Jim Russ
Doug Singleton
Matt Sneller
Lance Sonka
Kevin Stuckey
Becky Ullman
Jon Unterreiner
Sean Vitelli
Mark Welch
Pat Wilson

Introductory Year Members
Kena Aagesen
Scott Black
Brandi Coatsworth
Vicki Cheairs
Lawrence Dean
Jeremy Emler
Michael Kuchar
Kelly Kirk
Kerri Paulino
Wayne Smith
Zech Rush
Krista Villanueva

Here's what our members say:



Government Affairs Committee Chair
Kristal Casey, Unicorn Service Solutions
Jason Gustafson, Gustafson Group Inc.

HOME-PAC Co-Chairs
Jim Holcomb, Holcomb Properties
Mike Moody, Newmark Homes Houston LLC

Staff Contact:

Scout Odegaard
Government Affairs Manager