The Show Must Go On: PRISM 2020 is “Virtually Yours”

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Article by 2020 GHBA Sales & Marketing Council President Shannon Gaskamp, Legend Home Corporation / Princeton Classic Homes

It is with a sad but optimistic heart that the Sales and Marketing Council recently announced something many of you were likely expecting — the Houston’s Best PRISM Awards will be virtual this year.

No collectively cheering our wins and posing for zany photos. No catching up with colleagues who we may not have seen for a while. It’s just not going to be the same. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun!


Host Your Own PRISM Party!

Just because you won’t be gathered with hundreds of your closest real estate buddies doesn’t mean the party aspect is gone from this year’s PRISM Awards.

Houston’s Best PRISM Awards are the Oscars of the homebuilding industry, so why not host an Oscars-style party for a close circle of co-workers, complete with food, wine and celebratory noisemakers? Go ahead and wear your party finery — after all, there haven’t been too many chances to dress up over the past few months and PRISM is always a good reason to get fancy!

If you’re not going full-fledged Oscars (and PRISM) style, gather your friends and colleagues virtually using the viewing code from your event ticket to set up a Zoom watch party. Have your family watch with you so you can cheer your wins together. Taking it easy and hosting a solo party of one? Establish your text group pre-awards show so you can rapid-fire congratulations texts to colleagues.

However we decide to celebrate, I know we’re going to make the best of it. In fact, there might even be some advantages to a virtual event:

  • No scrambling to lose a few pounds to fit into your tux or that dress you bought on sale late last year (raise your hand if you’ve gained a few during the pandemic).
  • The chance to repurpose your dress from 2018 or 2019 — who’s going to remember what you wore way-back-when by 2021?
  • No waiting in line for cocktails. We try to have as many bars available as we can, but there’s always a line! This year, enjoy having your glass of wine, beer, cocktail or mocktail close at hand.
  • Restless legs? You can get up and walk around as much as you want during the program — you’re not going to be blocking anyone’s view.

While PRISM will be different this year, we can still find ways to come together and celebrate our successes, which is what PRISM is all about. We hope to see everyone Oct. 3. (Watch for special guest appearances!)

Look for more details on the SMC Facebook page. And feel free to share what your PRISM party looks like!

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