Meet Eric Skains, GHBA’s New Major Events and Awards Manager

Aimee BertrandEvents, Sales & Marketing

Eric Skains, GHBA’s Major Events & Awards Manager

Eric Skains joined TEAM GHBA at the beginning of October as the major events and awards manager, just in time to help out with fall events and get started on 2024’s activities. Eric has a long history of organizational management and corporate leadership. 

CEO Aimee Bertrand asked Eric several questions to help you get to know him better.

Aimee Bertrand (AB): Where did you grow up?

Eric Skains (ES): I grew up right here in Houston, born and raised, specifically in the Humble/Atascocita area. It was a wonderful place to call home! 

AB: Tell us about your work before joining GHBA.  What projects are you particularly proud of?

ES: Before joining GHBA, my career was a journey fueled by my passion for advocacy. It all started when I volunteered at Pride Houston, eventually becoming the Managing Director. After that, I headed to Florida to lead St. Pete Pride, the state’s second-largest LGBTQ advocacy organization. But Hurricane Harvey brought me back to Houston, and I landed a role with T-Mobile, which was quite different from my previous work but equally exciting. No more daily magenta attire! 

AB: Do you have a favorite memory from childhood?

ES: Absolutely! One of my cherished childhood memories is from when I was around 8 or 9 years old, sometime in September. I vividly remember watching Craig Biggio hit two home runs in a single game. To my young self, it felt like the most incredible feat any baseball player could achieve. From that moment on, in my eyes, everyone else was just competing for the title of second-best baseball player in my lifetime. It was a magical baseball moment that left a lasting impression on me.

AB: What made you decide to come to work for GHBA?

ES: The decision to work for GHBA was a no-brainer. Throughout the interview process, I was struck by the wonderful environment and the amazing team members I had the pleasure of meeting. Their passion and dedication were truly inspiring, and I couldn’t resist joining GHBA. 

AB: What events are you looking forward to working on with the GHBA team and why?

ES: I’m eagerly looking forward to working on Forecast and Installation with the GHBA Team! Both provide a perfect platform to showcase GHBA’s achievements and future direction. It’s an exciting opportunity as they set the tone for times ahead! 

AB: Do you have any pets?

ES: Absolutely, I’m a proud paw dad to two fantastic furry companions, Jennifer and Arya. Jennifer is a lively lab/border collie mix who’s always full of energy, while Arya, a poodle mix, is my constant shadow. Both of them are rescues, and they share a love for drive-thru snacks! 

AB: What do you do when you are away from the office?

ES: When I’m away from the office, I indulge in various hobbies and interests. I’m an enthusiastic traveler, a dedicated Astros fan who tries to catch as many games as possible, and I enjoy spending quality time at the dog park. Oh, and I must mention that I’m a mini-golf champion, as well as boasting a five-time reign as champion in my fantasy football league!  

AB: What is your go to restaurant recommendation for guests from out-of-town?

ES: When guests come to town, I often recommend Tacos Dona Lena. Right now, it’s my go-to spot because of its authenticity and inventive menu. It’s a hidden gem worth discovering! 

More about the position: The major events and awards manager will be act as staff support for the Sales and Marketing Council, management of Houston’s Best PRISM Awards program and event, management of the Million Dollar Circle Awards program and event, the annual GHBA Installation Celebration, Annual Forecast, Mid-Year Forecast and more. 

We are delighted to welcome Eric to the team and see how he grows with us! Please stop by and meet him at GHBA or catch him at our next big event.