First-Place LEGO Design on Display at GHBA Office

Terry SwensonDesign, Workforce Development, Young Professionals

Pictured left to right are: Randy Barras, vice president of purchasing M/I Homes; Aimee Bertrand, CEO GHBA; First Place Winner Holt Childress; and the Childress family (Kristen and Will, Finley, Jane and Rylann). The ‘Battlefield Castle House’ was named the first place winner in the Age 9-10 category. The home will be on display at the GHBA office through October 2022.

A unique annual tradition has just wrapped up its third year, as GHBA closed out the 2022 LEGO Future Home Builder Competition. GHBA received dozens of unique home design entries from kids aged 3 to 100, including personal write-ups about what inspired the contestants in planning, designing and building a home. The designs were judged by industry “experts” from various member companies. The contest was a fun way to challenge young minds to think about a homebuilding career in their futures. 

Holt Childress, age 9, was the first-place winner in his age category. Holt and his family were honored at the GHBA where his “Castle House” is being showcased in the lobby through October. 

“I created a battle field castle-house,” said Holt.  “My favorite part I built was building the vehicles, one of the vehicles has a jail in the back. The smaller house in the right corner has a lock down system. I used a lot of random LEGOS from vintage LEGOS I inherited from my uncles! For instance, the flying boat pieces are from my uncle and I turned his old ship piece into a flying battle boat. I built a total of four battling houses. This has been so much fun!”


The first place winners of each age category received a $100 Amazon gift card. And all Future Builders received a Master Builder Certificate in honor of their hard work and creativity.

“The LEGO Future Home Builder Competition is a fun way to get people talking about residential construction,” said Jennifer Keller, president of GHBA. “The GHBA is working in conjunction with the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) and Texas Association of Builders (TAB) on a number of initiatives to help address the challenges our industry is facing that include workforce development and many others. One of our goals is to introduce homebuilding opportunities to all ages, and that includes children who will one day, hopefully join the ranks of residential construction.”

To learn more about GHBA’s residential construction workforce efforts visit or call 281-970-8970.