2022 LEGO Future Builder Competition Winners Announced

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The GHBA is excited to announce our 3rd annual 2022 LEGO Future Home Builder Competition winners! The Future Homebuilder contestants were incredibly creative with their designs and photos. Their written descriptions helped capture the imagination of both the judges and everyone who saw them on GHBA social media platforms.

Judging was conducted by several association members, including sponsors of the competition and GHBA board members, who are “experts” in the home building industry, and we thank them for their time!

“M/I Homes was happy to take part in the GHBA LEGO Future Home Builder Competition this year. I can see we have some talent in our midst that will one day be builders, architects and a dozen other opportunities within the homebuilding industry!” said LEGO judge Jay McManus, M/I Homes area president.


We especially thank the parents of these Future Master Builders for encouraging their children to “think outside the house (box)” as they worked through design and construction of their unique creations.

“It was such an honor judging the LEGO competition for the GHBA. It was really hard picking a winner, as all of them in my mind were winners and they will all be GREAT home builders someday!” said Paige Williams, national account manager for Corey Construction Residential Roofing.

The first-place winners of each age category received a $100 Amazon gift card. All Future Builders received a Master Future Builder Certificate. Congratulations to all of the winners!

AGES 5-6

AGES 6-8

AGES 9-10

AGES 11-12

AGES 13+


Shaun Anzaldua, C3 Building Solutions
Randy Barras, M/I Homes
Janina Bufkin, C3 Building Solutions
Veronica Cassner, C3 Building Solutions
Sara Green, Robert Madden Industries
Jennifer Keller, Hamilton Thomas Homes
Paul Lamnatos, Blink Lending & Investments
Briahna McDaniel, C3 Building Solutions
Jay McManus, M/I Homes
Rick Stegall, Blink Lending & Investments
Paige Williams, Corey Construction Residential Roofing
Pat Wilson, Legends Architectural Stone

Here’s what some of our judges had to say:

I was excited to take part in judging for the GHBA LEGO Future Home Builder Competition this year and had been telling my wife about it for months before we received the creations. It was an amazing experience to see the work that went into each home, and to read about what inspired the kids to build their particular design. It was obvious they put a lot of thought and time into the competition!

Paul Lamnatos, Loan Officer, Blink Lending & Investments

Thank you for including me in the judging process! It was both a refreshing and an inspiring experience to witness the imagination and creativity of our youth. The descriptions of their creations were most intriguing as they articulated their visions. I, personally have many childhood memories building with LEGOs, Lincoln logs and tinker toys. Totally awesome experience!

Pat Wilson, Legends Architectural Stone

The LEGO build competition was a glimpse into the talent our future builders will be bringing to the industry. It was a delight to see all of the different designs and read the descriptions that gave each context.

GHBA President Jennifer Keller, Hamilton Thomas Homes

To get involved in LEGO 2023 as a judge or sponsor, contact Terry Swenson at (281) 664-1442 or tswenson@ghba.org.

And all you future builders out there… start planning your entries for 2023! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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