Revisions to Historic Preservation Ordinance in effect Nov 6, 2015

Bradley PepperAdvocacy, Codes, Land Development

Over the last year, GHBA remodelers and builders have participated in stakeholder meetings with the City of Houston in order to make minor revisions to the Historic Preservation Ordinance. After many discussions and negotiations, the Houston City Council approved the revisions on October 7, 2015.

In addition to these revisions, two changes were offered at the council table. The first change was rejected thanks to the efforts of the GHBA, HAR and Houstonians for Responsible Growth. The rejected amendment proposed to lower the 67% voter threshold required for neighborhoods to establish a historic district. Thankfully, the majority of city council agreed with the GHBA and opposed the amendment.

However, the second amendment was approved. It establishes a new appeals board that will include five members: two former members of the Planning Commission; two former members of the Historic Preservation Commission and one citizen representative. All members must be appointed by the mayor and approved by city council. See theamendment text here.


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