Project Playhouse 2019 team members

Project Playhouse 2019: Special Delivery at Minute Maid Park

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Heavy lifting, precarious unloading and delicate navigation were key in the safe arrival of HomeAid Houston’s Project Playhouse at Minute Maid Park where it will be on display from June 25 to July 7, 2019.

Project Playhouse 2019 team members
L to R: Kirsten Robbins, HomeAid; Claudia Tax, Newberry; Gabriela Espinosa, Newberry; Roehm Poet-Galvin, NewberrY; David Aleksander, Newberry; Emilee Proctor, HomeAid; Emily Flynt, HOMEAID; Nic Flannery; SatterfieLd & Pontikes; Valentin Patino, Greco Structures; Luiz Ortiz, Greco Structures; (FRONT) Adam Butler Satterfield & Pontikes; and Pascasio Agustin; Greco Structures

Satterfield & Pontikes and Newberry Architecture were in full force to make this happen as they are the design/construction team that created and built the Toy Box Playhouse. Assisting in the move was Greco Structures, a playhouse donor who contributed to the construction and provided transportation to the ballpark.

The playhouse’s new address is Minute Maid Park – Concourse Level, Section 150.


Project Playhouse 2019 moves into Minute Maid Park
The Toy Box Playhouse moves in to Minute Maid Park.

The team included, from Newberry Architecture: Claudia Tax, Gabriela Espinosa, Roehm Poet-Galvin and David Aleksander. From Satterfield & Pontikes were: Nic Flannery and Adam Butler. From Greco Structures were Valentin Patino, Luiz Ortiz, Pascasio Agustin, Esteban Garza and Roberto Polo. Also on-hand from HomeAid were Kirsten Robbins, Emilee Proctor, Emily Flynt and Catherine Baker.

“This was a big event to transport the playhouse that includes so many amazing components. Its new home at Minute Maid Park will showcase its brilliant design.”

Patrick Mayhan, President of HomeAid Houston

The Toy Box Playhouse design was inspired by every dream a child has about opening a toy box or stepping through the doors of a playhouse to begin an adventure while spending countless hours developing their imagination.

“Satterfield & Pontikes and Newberry Architecture were able to create that place for kids of all ages,” added Patrick. “It has been an amazing partnership working with their talented team.”

HomeAid Houston, S&P and Newberry Architecture are also partnering with the Houston Astros and the Astros Foundation on this year’s annual fundraiser.

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