TaskTag is a Houston-based app developed specifically for the construction industry. 

It addresses common challenges, such as losing photos, tracking updates, and assigning tasks. The app simplifies construction project management through chat.

Inspired by simple messaging apps, key features of TaskTag include:

  1. Real-time messaging: Instant communication among team members.
  2. Quick search capabilities: Easily search for tasks, messages, or files within the app, saving time and effort.
  3. Tagging: Enables users to categorize and organize tasks, photos, and files efficiently.

TaskTag is built by builders and caters to home builders, contractors, designers, architects, and remodelers.

No training needed! Download TaskTag for a free 30 day trial. 

To learn more, visit: tasktag.com/

Contact: Avi Ravi (832) 553-5948 info@tasktag.com