Permit Pros


Permit Pros is a leading permit management service provider for the construction industry, specializing in residential and commercial projects of various scales. From outdoor patio covers to high-rise construction and multi-family projects, we handle the complexities of permitting in the City of Houston and surrounding areas. 

Navigating the intricate permit processes can be challenging and time-consuming. Permit Pros has established strong relationships with key contacts, city employees, and directors to expedite the approval process. Our goal is to secure first-round approvals by conducting thorough preliminary reviews and providing code consulting. 

Permit Pros saves you time and money by managing communication with city officials, ensuring smooth progress to obtain your building permits. With superior attention to detail and comprehensive support, we guide you from start to finish, even after approval. 

Choose us for streamlined permit management, allowing you to focus on your construction projects with confidence. 

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Contact: Ramie Elizondo (832) 715-1781