Newly Issued 2015 Code Words

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The City of Houston Public Works Department has recently released two new 2015 Code Words. The City of Houston and other jurisdictions have memos called “code words” that instruct staff and the public on how to interpret portions of code.

The first Code Word, 2015-B01, is intended to assist with the identification of the correct edition of the Houston Construction Code for the design and construction buildings/structures when submitting for building permit(s).

Chapter 245 of the Texas Local Government Code allows the city to use the adopted codes in effect at the time the city receives the first application permit for such project. This locks the permits required to complete the project are based on the version of the City’s Construction Code in effect on the date associated with the original application received for the intended project for a five-year window.


The second Code Word, 2015-B02, is intended to assist with the new permit fee calculation method for single-family residential dwellings that was recently changed by Ordinance 2021-1037.

The permit fee calculation method for single-family residential dwelling construction was changed by Ordinance 2021-1037 and became effective as of January 1, 2022. The fee calculations for structural building permits, residential remodel construction of existing buildings, and projects proposing additions, alteration and/or repairs are now based on the combined total square footage of proposed construction, repairs, and alterations.

Both documents are posted to the City of Houston’s website and available to all. You can find them under the “Codes” tab at:

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