New Detention Requirements Take Effect Nov. 27

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Following meetings by GHBA members with Mayor Turner, city council members, and other City of Houston officials, new detention requirements for single-family lots have been modified by the City of Houston and will take effect on November 27, 2023.

The most relevant are changes to the Infrastructure Design Manual that apply to single-family residential lots over 15,000 sq. ft.

For tracts that are up to 15,000 sq. ft., detention is not required if the total impervious area is less than 65% of the tract. Additionally, the city does not require detention on single-family tracts greater than 15,000 sq. ft. if the total impervious cover is less than 9,750 sq. ft. These changes provide much needed relief to builders that are looking to provide homes within the City of Houston.


For lots over 15,000 sq. ft. where detention is not required under these new rules, the drainage design components will still be submitted to the Storm Group for review. If applicants have submitted a project before November 27, 2023, and would like to use the 2023 requirements, the existing project MUST BE CANCELED AND a new project submitted.

Reminder: All 2023 IDM requirements will be enforced. Refunds will NOT be given, and new fees will be applied.

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