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Ben Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Continuing education will help enhance your career, boost your professional image, increase your level of expertise, and put you at the cutting-edge of your field. An investment in knowledge is the key to a more satisfying and profitable career.

One of the great benefits of membership with the Greater Houston Builders Association is your access to educational coursework, seminars and professional designations offered by our Education Committee. Education is a central part of our mission at the GHBA and there are a variety to invest in for yourself and your company.

Our collective mission statement is “to provide advocacy, education, professional development, and valuable services to our members and the homebuilding industry.” We are constantly striving to develop and deliver focused educational events that evolve to serve the ever-changing needs of members ranging from the greenest newbie to the most seasoned professional.


General education courses cover topics such as legislative updates, safety and OSHA concerns and much more. The GHBA also offers several popular series including: The ABCs of Home Building, The Nuts & Bolts of Remodeling, and The Sticks & Bricks of Sales and Marketing.

Special session education events include themes like building science where we bring in the expert Dr. Joe Lstiburek to discuss a variety of member requested concerns and topics, as well as real world, practical solutions.
In addition to these great educational events, the GHBA also offers a pathway to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) professional designations.

An NAHB designation is a symbol of your knowledge and ability. These professional designations range a wide array of our membership from Certified Graduate Builder/Remodeler to Master Certified New Home Sales Professional to Master Certified Green Professional.

Earning a designation tells your customers, colleagues, and prospective employers that you are proficient with the latest skills and techniques and that your business practices are sound. But more than that, it tells them you’re committed to excellence. When the competition is fierce, expertise sets the leaders apart.

Succeeding in such a dynamic industry demands investing in your knowledge base. Your membership provides great access to tools to realize your goals.

I implore you to maximize the benefits available to you and attend a course in your area of interest or consider a professional designation to set you or your company apart.

If you have interests in contributing to the Education Committee, contact Peggy Means, director of education at the GHBA. We’re incredibly fortunate to offer such an important and impressive curriculum. I applaud the effort of Peggy and the committee members and look forward to seeing you at a session soon!

About the Author

John Williams

2019 GHBA Board President John Williams is a local home builder with K. Hovnanian Homes.