LEGO Future Home Builder Competition Winners Revealed

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The GHBA is excited to announce the 2020 LEGO Future Home Builder Competition winners! The judging was conducted by several association members who are “experts” in the home building industry, and we thank them for their time.

All of our contestants’ creations were incredible, and their design descriptions added another level of creativity to their projects. The public was also excited to see them as GHBA posted each Future Builder’s photos and descriptions on Facebook and Instagram

“GHBA’s inaugural LEGO Junior Master Builder competition was a great success!” said Casey Morgan, GHBA CEO. “The GHBA enjoyed engaging the community this way. As a mom of two little boys, any summer activity that promotes creativity and imagination is always a plus, especially during these COVID remote-learning times.  We are also proud to introduce these budding young Future Builders to our industry!”

The first-place winners in each age group will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and will be highlighted in the September issue of Houston Builder magazine. We invite all Junior Master Builders to start brainstorming ideas to compete again next year!


Congratulations to:

AGE 3-4

1st place – Claire
Runner Up – Isabella

“Claire’s Frozen Flower House” Claire combined a couple things she loves flowers and Frozen to create her masterpiece (with a little of mommy’s help). The design element she is most proud of is the Frozen snowflake in the front which is a swing for the homeowners to play on. The designer and builder is featured holding another frozen favorite of hers, ice cream.

AGE 5-6

1st place – Sofia
Runner Up – Elyn
Honorable Mention – Luke

Sofia says she used a lot of pieces to make a house that can move and has wings so it can fly. It is driven by Captain marvel and has a wizard to help them. A policeman is controlling the computers and the Indian has a pet Alligator beside him. There is also an alien that drives when they fly. Her favorite cat is in the garden at the back and there is a big flower on top.

AGE 7-8

1st place – Vihaan
Runner Up – Landon
Honorable Mention – Claire

This is an Isolation Hilton house I built where I would love to isolate during these COVID times, says Vihaan.

AGE 9-10

1st place – Layla & Stella
Runner Up – Amari
Honorable Mention – Patrick

AGE 11-13

1st place – Carson
Runner Up – Dario
Honorable Mention – Ashley

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