‘Ladies Who Lead’ Inspire Triumph Over Challenges

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By Jennifer Taylor, GHBA Professional Women in Building Council Chair, Brookfield Properties Development

Two hundred eighty-five members and growing! The GHBA’s Professional Women in Building Council continues to be the largest PWB in the country. The council continues to gain new members as word spreads about the organization for women by women.

Focused on celebrating women and their achievements across the building industry, the GHBA PWB hosts a variety of events for council members. From traditional networking events to virtual workshops discussing topics such as financial planning, the PWB hopes to offer benefits to all its members and work with their busy schedules. The PWB is proud to be an organization that fosters the enrichment of current and future women in our industry.


When asked what she hopes that members get out of PWB, President Jennifer Taylor said, “Friendship and fellowship, for sure. Longer term, I’d like to see PWB as a resource for women already in our industry – and women who might be considering homebuilding as a career. I’d also like to see the PWB be a rich resource for women about educational topics, mentorship, and giving back to organizations that we believe in.”

The most recent and notable event to date for the Houston chapter was the highly anticipated “Ladies Who Lead Luncheon.” This occasion was to celebrate women and their accomplishments throughout the building industry. The chosen panelists were to represent the voice and professional journey of women in the building industry of different sectors.

The esteemed and highly regarded panel of accomplished women in our industry included Lisa Clark, senior vice president land development for W Land Development; Lindy Oliva, division president of Pulte Group; Amy Rino, chief customer officer for Taylor Morrison; and Lynne Humphries, partner at Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP.

Filling the room with empowered energy, members of the GHBA PWB heard firsthand from these dynamic women the experiences in their careers that have led them to where they are today. With GHBA’s own Executive Vice President and CEO Aimee Bertrand at the helm as the panel moderator, questions such as, “What you would tell your younger self?” and “What do you look for in building your future team?” brought insightful answers and advice for the crowd.

Buzzing with excitement, the panelists shared their triumphs and their obstacles in getting to where they are today as well as their ongoing challenges within our industry. Important takeaways included: “Don’t be afraid to ask the questions;” “Align yourself with like-minded people, share ideas and grow together;” “Don’t be afraid of failure, there are always lessons to be learned;” and “The motto of – fake it till you make it, is NOT sound advice.”

Announced at the end of the luncheon, making it that much more special, was a grand surprise for one of the panelists. While we were saddened to announce the retirement of Lynne Humphries later this year, with a champagne toast for all, the Lynne Humphries Scholarship was revealed. The scholarship will be open to students furthering their education through higher learning after high school graduation. We wish Lynne her happiness in this next chapter and thank her for all her contributions in our industry and the mentorship she has provided along the way.