Houston Homes Aren’t Built for Weather This Cold: Here’s Why

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A Houston homebuilder explains.

By Laura Furr Mericas, Houstonia Magazine

We keep hearing it: Houston is not built for cold weather like this. Um, clearly. As if frigid temps, rolling blackouts, and a water crisis weren’t enough, we’re now seen pipes burst across the city, flooding homes, and destroying their contents in an all too familiar fashion—just this time the water is coming from above. 

Houstonia wanted to understand exactly how our homes are built compared to those that can withstand such temps. (Because, maybe understanding the how will make the madness of this week feel slightly more sensible, right?) 


We turned to Mike Dishberger, CEO and co-owner of Sandcastle Homes and former president of the Greater Houston Builders Association, for answers. Dishberger explains how basements, history, and, yes, even Texans’ beloved garages played a role in the “unprecedented” disaster.