HOME-PAC: An Investment in the Future of Texas Homebuilding and Development

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HOME-PAC, the political action committee of the Greater Houston Builders Association, is an essential part of GHBA’s advocacy program. HOME-PAC directs financial support of the homebuilding industry and is committed to protecting housing affordability and consumer choices. Through trustee contributions, we pool our resources and unite to support the best qualified, pro-housing candidates for local and state office. GHBA’s HOME-PAC empowers our members to help shape the political environment and elect candidates who will support our industry’s goal to provide Texans the opportunity to realize the dream of homeownership.

“There is so much that happens behind the scenes, and your Government Affairs Committee works tirelessly to preserve a positive political climate for the residential construction and development industry in Texas. We need to speak as one industry with one voice, and we do that through our PAC contributions and by building meaningful relationships with decision-makers. Will you join me investing in our collective future supporting the PAC?”

Ivan Madrigal, HOME-PAC Trustee and owner of Builder’s Choice Inc.

In 2022, HOME-PAC raised more than $400,000 for contributions to our state and local elected officials.

In 2023, HOME-PAC members will make essential endorsements and contributions in the City of Houston mayoral and city council elections and other regional races. As homebuilders, we have a stake in elections in all 11 counties represented by the GHBA. Becoming involved in HOME-PAC is a great way to invest in your business and make your voice heard.


HOME PAC Trustees engage in the political process in many ways, from endorsing candidates to attending and hosting fundraisers and visiting with elected officials to educate them on issues impacting the local homebuilding industry.

“Homebuyers in the Greater Houston area have always benefitted from the availability of more affordable homes in communities with first class amenities because of the GHBA’s and HOME-PAC’s efforts to work with government officials to achieve this goal. Please join other industry leaders in supporting your industry by joining HOME PAC with a financial pledge today.”

Mike Moody, Co-chair of HOME-PAC

In 2023, HOME-PAC is piloting a new trustee-level membership, the Introductory Year Trustee Membership. This option will allow supporters access to the more than 100 political events a year attended by HOME-PAC, an invitation to all HOME-PAC meetings, and special events. Introductory Year Membership is open only to those GHBA members who have never contributed to HOME-PAC at the Trustee level before, and these members will not be able to vote on official HOME-PAC business.

If you’re looking for other ways to become involved in the political process, the GHBA Government Affairs Committee brings in various lawmakers to visit with GHBA members bi-monthly and helps host Rally Day bi-annually. The highly anticipated trip brings GHBA members of all backgrounds to the Texas Capitol in Austin, where they meet with their representatives to engage on the top issues facing the industry during Texas’ legislative session.

Rally Day 2023 is scheduled for March 29, 2023. Mark your calendars; you don’t want to miss it!

If you’re interested in joining HOME-PAC, the Government Affairs Committee, or attending Rally Day, please reach out to Troy Allen, director of government affairs, at tallen@ghba.org or Scout Odegaard, government affairs assistant, at sodegaard@ghba.org.