Government Affairs/Volume Builders Meeting on Dec. 10

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The GHBA’s Government Affairs and Volume Builders Committees will hold a joint meeting on Tuesday, December 10 at 11:30 a.m. in the GHBA boardroom. This meeting will cover a wide variety of topics both at the state and local levels.

We will provide a recap of the November General Election and a preview of the December runoff election, as well as an update on Harris County’s adopted changes to development regulations and drainage requirements.

In addition, GHBA General Counsel Ian Faria will provide an update on the association’s involvement with the implementation of HB 2439 since it became law on September 1.


HB 2439 by Representative Dade Phelan (R- Beaumont) prohibits cities and other governmental entities from using building codes or other local ordinance powers to mandate the use of certain products in construction and result in the direct or indirect prohibition of other code approved products.

Examples of some mandates include: masonry ordinances, restricting to one type of insulation and mandating one specific pipe or tubing be used.

This bill also voids any currently adopted ordinances that violate the legislation’s provisions and those ordinances are now illegal.

We have heard that a number of cities around the state have chosen not to abide by the new law and have not abandoned any previously adopted ordinances that are in violation of this legislation.

The GHBA Government Affairs team is compiling a list of cities in violation of House Bill 2439 and still enforcing their pre-September 1 ordinances. If you know any cities, please email Bradley Pepper at with details.

Lunch will be provided and generously sponsored by Suncoast Post-Tension. We will follow up with more information about the December meeting as we get closer, but be sure to mark your calendar now.

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