Gov. Abbott Touts GHBA Members as “World’s Leading Home Builders”

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On October 11, Governor Greg Abbott attended the GHBA Northern Counties Builders & Developers Division (NCBDD) luncheon to speak to more than 200 association members. (See Abbott’s remarks in full at

This luncheon highlighted the importance GHBA places on strengthening relationships between members and the elected officials who work to ensure our industry thrives. GHBA serves members in 11 counties, but our reach and advocacy extend to the highest offices in federal, state, and local government.

Gov. Abbott spoke to many concerns shared by business owners and employees alike—workforce development, property taxes, and home ownership. Planning ahead for the next legislative session, the governors office will be the most visible advocate for pro-housing and workforce-supportive issues as Texas attracts new businesses and homeowners.


On behalf of its members, GHBA’s government affairs team has nurtured a longstanding and beneficial relationship with our elected officials. A prime example is during the early days of the pandemic. As lead advocate in times of disaster, working to bring recovery funding to our region and help bolster reconstruction efforts, Gov. Abbott worked with the Texas Association of Builders to ensure that home builders were classified as essential workers. This type of advocacy is the reason we work diligently with elected representatives throughout all levels of government.

At the NCBDD luncheon in October, Abbott shared his vision for Texas, and GHBA members had an opportunity to share some concerns that are impacting the industry. More than 20 percent of the average price of new construction of a home is owed to government regulation. With rising interest rates and inflation, we want to ensure those regulations keep homebuyers safe and keep homebuilding best practices in use, without unnecessarily adding to the cost of homeownership. As stewards of the industry and an integral part of the community, GHBA members advocate for fair, consistent regulation that allows the homebuilding industry to continue to drive the economic growth of our region.

To achieve affordable home prices and protect this vital industry, GHBA regularly hosts elected and appointed officials at events, meetings, receptions and more. GHBA ensures elected officials of diverse political and policy persuasions opportunities to educate and engage with our members. To get involved in this vital process, all members are invited to join the Government Affairs Committee and support HOME-PAC.

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