houston strong after Harvey

GHBA Proudly Supports Members’ Rebuilding Efforts

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houston strong after HarveyIt has been a challenging few weeks in Houston, to say the least. But, together, we have endured a lot.

According to the Harris County Flood Control District, a total of one trillion gallons of water fell across Harris County over a four day period thanks to Harvey. Such rainfall would fill the Astrodome 3,200 times and cover Harris County’s 1,800 square miles with an average of 33 inches of water.

Despite the widespread devastation, which according to Moody Analytics includes a total of $97 billion in economic loss, we have much to be proud of.


First, we are the residents of a national economic engine with a growing population. In fact, the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) reports metro Houston had a population of 6,772,470 in 2016. If Houston were a state, it would have the 16th largest population in the U.S., behind Massachusetts and ahead of Tennessee. Further, Harris County had a population of 4,589,928 residents in 2016. If Harris County were a state, it would have the 26th largest population in the U.S. behind Louisiana and ahead of Kentucky.

And, even though, according Moody’s Analytics, Hurricane Harvey ranks as the third largest economic disaster after Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks, the GHP predicts that most job losses will be recouped this month as employees displaced by Harvey return to work and hiring for repair and reconstruction efforts begin. By November, the GHP expects the region should surpass pre-Harvey employment levels.

There’s also a great humanitarian side to Hurricane Harvey’s story. In addition to the heroic efforts performed by numerous volunteers in their personal boats, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that state and federal agencies performed 122,331 rescues during the storm. Additionally, the GHP reports area-wide corporations and business owners have pledged over $300 million toward Harvey relief. Specifically, Houston-based companies have led the effort, pledging $60 million.

For these reasons and so many more, the GHBA is proud to be a part of our spirited community.

We’re also proud because of the resilient work of GHBA members, helping friends and family, addressing the needs of employees, and rebuilding neighborhoods and communities.

As you rebuild, the GHBA supports you.

Whether it is on our website, in the magazine, in luncheons, during educational classes or in the news, the GHBA will continue to make serving our membership the top priority, and we will continue our commitment to respond to the needs of builders, remodelers, developers and associates.

So many of you are dedicated to your communities, serving one another, and lending your expertise to help those who have lost everything. At the GHBA, we appreciate your service and are proud to support you as you rebuild the city we love. Thank you for your hard work. Houston Strong!


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