houston city hall

GHBA Actively Meeting with COH Mayor and Council

Bradley PepperAdvocacy, Codes, Land Development

houston city hallFollowing the election of a new City of Houston Mayor and five new council members last fall, nearly one-third of those that occupy the City Hall Horseshoe are freshman. In an effort to further introduce ourselves and our industry to these folks we have scheduled meetings with Mayor Sylvester Turner as well as council members Karla Cisneros, Amanda Edwards, Mike Knox, Steve Le and Greg Travis.

Similar to our congressional meetings, this will provide the GHBA an opportunity to engage our city officials to ensure that they understand the scope what our industry touches and how much the GHBA is involved at the city level. We will share our experiences and history working with the Mayor’s office, City Council and at the department level on issues regarding development and homebuilding, including Ch. 42, historic preservation, storm water and detention, code review and our direct involvement with planning and public works. These efforts are critical to sustaining our “seat at the table” and our influence as a resource when policy issues concerning the homebuilding industry arise.