Get to Know Lauren, GHBA’s Government Affairs Administrator

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Meet a new addition to TEAM GHBA, Lauren Fuller. Lauren joined GHBA in February as the government affairs administrator. She will be working with the Government Affairs team, to oversee and support HOME-PAC, the Government Affairs Committee, Developers Council and the Volume Builders Committee. Lauren will also help with GHBA board meetings. Lauren answered several questions from CEO Aimee Bertrand to help you get to know her better.

Aimee Bertrand (AB): Where did you grow up?
Lauren Fuller (LF): I spent my childhood in the charming outskirts of San Antonio, specifically in La Vernia. It was an idyllic upbringing, almost like living on a mini farm with goats and chickens. Eventually, craving the urban experience, I made the leap to Houston, and I’ve cherished every moment of my time in the big city.

AB: Do you have a favorite memory from childhood?
LF: Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around our family trips to Port Aransas for summer vacations. Among the highlights of those trips were our visits to the candy store on the island. I’ve always had a big, sweet tooth!


AB: What made you decide to come to work for GHBA?
LF: Drawing from my experience in economic development, I sought opportunities within a similar field. My aim was to delve into advocacy-oriented roles, so when I stumbled upon the job vacancy at GHBA, I was overjoyed. I eagerly anticipate forging a career path in advocacy and contributing to positive change in the Greater Houston region.

AB: What events or projects are you looking forward to working on with the GHBA Team?
LF: I’m particularly enthusiastic about delving into everything related to HOME-PAC. I’m eager to contribute to advocating for and supporting the homebuilding industry. I am excited to engage with like-minded individuals and make a meaningful impact on shaping the future of homebuilding.

AB: Do you have any pets?
LF: Yes! I’m the proud owner of two cats. Two years back, I adopted a black cat named Seven and a Siamese cat named Simon from a rescue organization. I often joke that Seven earned his name because he’s had quite the adventures, breaking two toes and surviving, leaving him with just seven lives. These two furry friends are my absolute favorites in the world.

AB: What do you do when you are away from the office?
LF: When I’m not at work, you’ll often find me cozied up with a book. I also love spending quality time with friends. Lately, my focus has shifted towards kitchen remodeling, spurred by my recent purchase of a townhome.

AB: What is your go-to restaurant recommendation for guests from out-of-town?
LF: As a self-professed food enthusiast, I’ve got two top picks for you. If you’re craving Greek cuisine, Niko Niko’s is a must-visit in my book. And for an unforgettable dining experience, I highly recommend Uchiko. From the exquisite dishes to the ambiance, it’s a culinary journey you won’t soon forget.

AB: Anything else you would like to share with our members?
LF: I’m thrilled about the opportunity to connect with each of you. Please feel free to contact me anytime at or give me a call at 281-664-1433. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

You’ll find Lauren at our many advocacy-related events and meetings throughout the year. Please be sure to seek her out and ask how her latest kitchen remodeling project is going!