2012 National Green Building Standard

GBGC Adopts 2012 National Green Building Standard

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2012 National Green Building StandardOn April 1, 2016, the Green Built Gulf Coast (GBGC) program will adopt the 2012 National Green Building Standard. This endeavor is not as daunting as it sounds. With the current criteria most builders already follow in the Houston market, construction practices will require only two areas of notable change: water efficiency and energy efficiency.

Most builders can increase their efficiency in lighting percentage up to 75%, and document increased water efficiency in their toilets, showers, and sinks to easily comply with these code changes.

These progressive green code changes are largely due to the advanced energy codes in the area, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, extensive customer education programs, and innovative indoor air quality sealing/ventilation methods already being used by the local
building community that are already at very high standards.


Adapting to the 2012 National Green Building Standard will elevate Green Built Gulf Coast certified homes above typical code compliant homes in the region, extending benefits to both builders and overall, the homeowner.

To learn more about the GBGC program, visit greenbuiltgulfcoast.org or contact Donna Buenik at 281-664-1429.