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Fort Bend County Publishes New Street Acceptance Guidelines

Bradley PepperAdvocacy, Codes, Land Development

After meeting with members of the GHBA Developers Council, engineers, contractors, builders and other stakeholders beginning last December over questions and concerns with regards to street acceptance policies, the Fort Bend County Engineering Department published a Street Acceptance Guidance document in February. This guidance document was prepared for use by Fort Bend County staff, developers, engineers and contractors to provide understanding and clarity of pavement requirements for acceptance of public roadways into county maintenance.

Initially, Fort Bend County was refusing street acceptance if sidewalks and driveways were tagged as being non-compliant with the ADA required 2 percent cross-slope. Developers were told that those comments would need to be addressed and the concrete removed and re-poured to compliance standards before final acceptance was issued. In some cases, this was being required for homes that were two years old or older and would have been at a significant cost to the builder or contractor, as well as a major inconvenience for the homeowner.

The GHBA worked with Fort Bend County engineering to address this issue and they have decided to remove sidewalk and driveway deficiencies from street acceptance requirements.


In addition, the established general acceptance procedures, timelines and requirements can be found in the Fort Bend County Regulations of Subdivisions, Section 6 – Acceptance of Improvements within Subdivisions.

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