Election 2022: How to Get Involved

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With the start of 2022, we have entered another significant election cycle that will see us vote on numerous federal, state, county and judicial level races. 2022 will be a fluid and dynamic year in government and the GHBA will be engaged in state and local races from the primary on March 1 and runoff on May 24, through the general election in November.

GHBA members have multiple opportunities to stay engaged in matters impacting our industry and hear from those within our region that are making decisions. Members of the Government Affairs Committee and Developers Council have held conversations discussing what is in the future for our industry. Issues ranging from changes in minimum lot sizes, permitting, and local government are being addressed with creative solutions.

The next meetings of the Government Affairs Committee and Developers Council are scheduled for March 22 and March 2, respectively. Attending these meetings will give you the opportunity to hear from those in local government, provide important context regarding what is personally impacting your business, and educate our local officials on what needs to be done. Find more information and RSVP at www.ghba.org/calendar.


For more information on becoming involved, please contact Troy Allen at tallen@ghba.org or (281) 664-1430.

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Troy Allen

Troy Allen, GHBA Director of Government Affairs