Donations from Surface Systems of Texas and BPT Further Benefit Homes’ Mission

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The Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), Benefit Homes Project has raised more than $12 million for local charities since its inception in 1980. This charity fundraiser benefits two local charities, HomeAid Houston and Operation Finally Home. Raising funds of this amount would not be possible without the donations of construction materials, supplies and services by GHBA members who share the association’s vision to “Build a Home for Good.”

The 2021 Benefit Home was built by Chesmar Homes on a lot donated by Land Tejas in Lago Mar. The home sold to the Rice family before it was even completed.

Surface Systems of Texas

Michael Raney, Surface Systems of Texas

Hundreds of companies have been contributors throughout the history of the Project, and many donate in multiple years. One such company is Surface Systems of Texas. Surface Systems of Texas is a provider of decorative concrete such as epoxy coatings, stamped, textured, and stained concrete as well as other general concrete resurfacing. The company is known for its ColorFlake epoxy coating primarily used for garage floors, but widely used also in offices, clinics and warehouses.


In late 2020, Chesmar Homes elected to construct its seventh Benefit Home for the project, in the midst of the pandemic. When the call went out to the GHBA membership that they were gearing up to break ground on the Hillcrest Plan in the Land Tejas community of Lago Mar, Surface Systems of Texas was happy to provide the ColorFlake garage floor coating to enhance the home, knowing that HomeAid Houston and Operation Finally Home would ultimately benefit and in turn their clients facing homelessness and wounded veterans returning from duty would have the opportunity for better lives.

“I’m sure like all other participants, Surface Systems does not take part in this charity to further our own interests, but to help those less fortunate than ourselves,” said Michael Raney, president of the company. “It truly is better to give than to receive, and the chance to help a veteran who gave so much to his or her country or a family facing homelessness, is a blessing for everyone!”

Builders Post-Tension

Greg Tomlinson, Builders Post-Tension

A long-time supporter of the GHBA and the Benefit Homes Project is Builders Post-Tension. BPT provides prompt handling, fabrication, and delivery of concrete construction products; professional stressing services; rebar supply services; post-tension packs; and calibration services of builder’s stressing equipment.

The company was founded in 2001 by Greg N. Tomlinson and Brian Q. Conley, serving Houston and surrounding cities. The company has added a second location that serves both Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and both are PTI-certified locations. The company also ships materials throughout the entire United States and Gulf Coast region.

“BPT has always given back to the building industry that gave us life,” said Tomlinson, president of BPT. “We are also a big believer in giving back to our community where we live; that allows us to continue to grow. Operation Finally Home and HomeAid Houston are two of the finest, well run charities in the City of Houston, and the GHBA is the organization that develops our industry and assists companies like BPT to thrive and give back on a major league level to our fellow citizens. We are proud to be one of the vendors on the recent Chesmar Benefit Home.”

BPT donated more than $45,000 in charitable contributions in 2020 and over $40,000 in 2019.

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