David Weekley HomeAid remodel at Casa de Esperanza

David Weekley Homes and HomeAid Complete Charity Project at Casa de Esperanza

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David Weekley HomeAid remodel at Casa de EsperanzaHomeAid Houston joined more than 50 David Weekley Homes managers and team members who volunteered their time and expertise for a rebuild project for Casa de Esperanza on May 16 for Weekley’s CARE Build Month initiative. Weekley’s team renovated Casa de Esperanza de los Niño’s “Rocket Center,” originally built by David Weekley Homes 20 years ago. HomeAid provided new GE appliances to upgrade the center’s kitchen.

“Thanks for opening the doors for this project. My heart continues to be touched by your generosity and kindness. The support of HomeAid Houston and the Greater Houston Builders Association of the mission of Casa de Esperanza has been a blessing to our organization. Thank you all!”Shelley M. Starr, Associate Director, Casa de Esperanza de los NiÑos, Inc.

The overall project adds more functionality to the building and provides a warm and welcoming space for families visiting their children.

“This project allowed our skilled team members the opportunity to showcase their home building expertise by demolishing walls, framing walls and closets, installing trim and doors, caulking, painting, cleaning, and many other miscellaneous chores,” said Maria Celaya, David Weekley Homes CARE Team. “Our work will allow this deserving organization to expand their services to the children and families they serve. We can’t thank the numerous volunteers, vendors and trades enough for their generosity in completing this project.”


The improvements included dividing the living area into two parent visitation rooms, installing audio and video cameras at the entry and in the visitation room, the addition of a parent’s closet and storage space for supplies, repairing or replacing the attic access stair, reconfiguring the master bath area for storage and converting the master bedroom closet into a central filing area.

Vendors and trades who donated to the project included Sherwin-Williams Paint Co., BMC, Z&C Plumbing, MSF Electric, Open Doors Remodeling, Connect One, MC Tile, General Electric and Builder’s Choice.

Casa de Esperanza strives to break the destructive cycle of child abuse by offering safe homes to children of families in crisis. The goal of Casa de Esperanza is to return physically and emotionally healthy children to stabilized homes where caregivers can safely provide daily care. Children receive comprehensive assessment and intervention services while in placement. Parents receive case management and referral services while their children are safely cared for. When family reunification is not possible, Casa de Esperanza is licensed to supervise long-term foster care and adoptive placements.

For more than 20 years, David Weekley Homes through The David Weekley Family Foundation has donated more than $100 million to worthy causes in the U.S. and abroad, and Team Members volunteer thousands of hours each year working with various organizations. Through this strong culture of volunteerism, David Weekley Homes is able to bring back a sense of community to local neighborhoods and cities by devoting collective resources and talents to many worthy causes.

“It was an honor to work with the David Weekley Family Foundation on their CARE Builder Month project,” said Bette Moser, executive director of HomeAid Houston. “Providing the donated GE appliances was just a small part of the big commitment David Weekley Homes makes to giving back to our community. This is a team of professionals that makes a difference in so many lives.”

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