Construction Jobsite Safety Guidance for Coronavirus


While most of the counties and cities in our region are complying with “Stay at Home” orders and construction of housing, including remodeling, has been deemed an essential service, it is imperative that the industry operates responsibly and practices the upmost safety.

It is critically important to adhere to CDC and OSHA guidelines; to follow safety rules in local “Stay at Home” orders; to maintain the 6-ft social distancing rule; and to keep work crews or staff to 10 people or less. It is also recommended that home sale or model home offices work with customers by appointment only and meetings or closings be conducted virtually if possible.

While these measures may be challenging temporarily, the industry as a whole must demonstrate to the community at large that safety is a priority.


For more information on best practices see this COVID-19 checklist for employers and employees.

If your company would like more information on developing an organizational response plan to COVID-19, please see the available resources provided by TAB and NAHB.