COH Electronic Plan Review (EPR): Changes to the Requirements

Bradley PepperAdvocacy, Codes

blueprintsEffective January 18, 2016, plans approved electronically no longer have to be printed in color. The approved plan set can be printed in black and white and must be kept at the jobsite throughout the duration of construction.

Additionally, the Plan Review Section will make modifications to the naming convention of files. Currently, drawings are named using the initial of the applicable discipline and the sheet number (e.g. A.001). To facilitate the review of plans, a description will need to be included in the file name.

Below are some examples:


  • A.001 Door and Hardware Schedule
  • A.002 Fire Rated Design
  • A.003 East Side Elevations

When naming your drawings, please keep in mind that file names will still be limited to 70 characters, and a resubmitted file must have the exact name as the original file.

The User’s Guides (Residential and Commercial) will be updated soon to include these changes as well as other modifications.

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