Action Landscaping Donates Landscape Package to GHBA Benefit Home

Terry SwensonBenefit Homes Project

The GHBA Benefit Homes Project has raised more than $12 million for local charities since its inception in 1980. Recently, with the sale of the Chesmar Benefit Home in Lago Mar, $300,000 was raised that will go toward two local charities, HomeAid Houston and Operation Finally Home.

The Benefit Homes Project relies on the generosity of the GHBA membership as they donate their materials, services and labor to construct two homes a year for this GHBA charity fundraiser. The proceeds help build shelters for the homeless and others in crisis situations, and also helps build beautiful new homes for wounded veterans returning from duty.

One company that donated their services to the Chesmar Benefit Home is Action Landscaping. This company has been a huge supporter of the Benefit Homes Project over the years.


Action Landscaping is family owned and operated and was funded by Jeff and Nancy Graebert in 2001. Their mission over the past 20 years has never changed, to bring life to the exterior of a house, and at first sight, make it feel like a home. In addition to landscaping and sod, Action Landscaping provides irrigation to builders around the greater Houston area.

“At Action we appreciate that the first thing noticed about a home is the landscaping,” said Oscar Reyes, account manager. “We bring vibrant colors to flower beds, green grass to your lawn, and an irrigation system to lessen time-consuming maintenance. Action Landscape donates to the GHBA Benefit Homes Project because we support their vision. It’s an honor and a privilege to join local builders in the endeavor to give back to our community. With some of the proceeds going to local charities like HomeAid Houston and Operation Finally home, when presented with the opportunity, we jumped into Action.”

Action Landscaping donated the entire landscaping package for the Chesmar Benefit Home.

“Action Landscaping is a well-respected name in the homebuilding industry,” said Patrick Mayhan, chairman of the Benefit Homes Project. “The company has high standards in both their work and their generosity. It’s companies like this that make the difference in people’s lives.”

Land Tejas Companies donated the homesite in Lago Mar. This home is Chesmar’s seventh Benefit Home and Land Tejas’s 18th lot donation. The real estate donation alone is valued at $1.2 million.