2021 LEGO Future Home Builder Competition Winner Showcase

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The GHBA is excited to announce the 2nd annual LEGO Future Home Builder Competition winners! The Future Homebuilder contestants were incredibly creative with their designs and photos. Their written descriptions helped capture the imagination of everyone who saw them on GHBA social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

The judging was conducted by several GHBA members who are “experts” in the home building industry, and we thank them for their time!

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We especially thank the parents of these Future Master Builders for encouraging their children to “think outside the house (box)” as they worked through design and construction of their unique creations.

The first-place winners of each age category received a $25 Amazon gift card and will be featured in the September issue of Houston Builder magazine. All Future Builders received a Master Future Builder certificate.

We invite all Junior Master Builders to start brainstorming ideas to compete again next year!

Congratulations to all!

AGE 3-4

1st place – Jacob and Adelynn (TIE)
Runner Up – Rossi

AGE 5-6

1st place – Lucas
Runner Up – Calvin
Honorable Mention – Amalia

“Lucas and his cousins visiting from CO built what they call a Cousins Mansion! From grounds security, outdoor entertainment such as swimming, air soft games and BBQ, an oversized garage for luxurious cars, inside is equipped with arcade rooms, bunk beds and a gourmet kitchen!”

AGE 7-8

1st place – Graham
Runner Up – Ethan
Honorable Mention – Layla

“This is a house of past and future with an arch garage connecting the two. The circle with the eyes spins on the smaller spire. The smaller spire powers the house.” – Graham

AGE 9-10

1st place – Boyce
Runner Up – Braden
Honorable Mention – CJ

“This is The Jungle Lodge. I can travel there to have adventures and explore.” – Boyce

AGE 11-12

1st place – Isaiah
Runner Up – Sebastian
Honorable Mention – Cole

“This creation was built by me and my brother. This floating fortress is the mobile headquarters of the Legopolis aqua defenders, and sports 12 mobile energy cannons, a loading deck for smaller boats, a tri-partial hull, and not 1 but 2 high security storage units. This ship also contains 3 lifeboats, well over 850 individual bricks, and living quarters for the 6 main workers. It is also guarded by robots, aliens, bounty hunters, and inter dimensional ninjas, not to mention the astronauts. Did I mention the ninjas?” – Isaiah

AGE 13-15

1st place – Ben
Runner Up – Sophia
Honorable Mention – Samuel

“A Victorian style house next to a textured library. Inspiration from multiple Minecraft and real life buildings. Some of my favorite aspects are the mailbox, and details of the Victorian house.” -Ben