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2017-2019 TAB Contract Package is Here

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TAB recently updated the Texas Residential Construction Contracts package for the current legislative session year 2017-2019. Every two years the contracts expire in order to adopt any new legislative changes that occur during session.The 2015 version is now outdated, so please take a moment to download the newest updates, available on the GHBA website.

In addition to addressing new legislatively mandated notice requirements for homes built near military installations, many additions and improvements have been made to the 2017-2019 package, which include:

  • Warranty parameters on foreclosures and rental properties;
  • Clarification of applicable code standards and builder obligations;
  • Recovery of certain attorney’s fees;
  • A technology disclaimer for smart homes;
  • Revisions to the independent contractor agreements; and
  • Updates to the Express Home Warranty to reflect current building practices.
  • The end result is that the contracts are more clear and comprehensive than ever.

The TAB contracts are free to use for GHBA remodeler and custom builder members. This members-only benefit is a fantastic value and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.


In order to maintain access the GHBA Contracts, your company must:

  1. Be a GHBA Custom Builders Council or Remodelers Council member in good standing
  2. Attend at least one Contract Seminar per calendar year. Contract seminars are conveniently scheduled at the upcoming GHBA Product Expo on October 19.
Download the 2017-2019 Contracts