Troy Allen Joins GHBA as Government Affairs Director

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Troy Allen, GHBA Government Affairs Director

The Greater Houston Builders Association happily announces the hiring of the newest member of TEAM GHBA, our new government affairs director, Troy Allen.

As government affairs director, Troy will help lead our advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry. He will work with members, elected officials and regulatory staff to further the goals of GHBA leadership. Troy will also work to fundraise for the HOME-PAC and advise our PAC trustees. He will serve as the key liaison supporting the Developers Council and the Government Affairs Committee.

Troy comes to us after many years working with elected officials ranging from Houston City Council members to state and federal legislators. Most recently, Troy worked with the General Land Office to help our region’s local elected officials and government staff navigate Hurricane Harvey recovery programs.


I asked Troy a few questions about his personal and professional background to help you get to know him. Please reach out to Troy in the coming weeks to help him get acquainted with your business and interests related to government affairs. Troy can be reached at or 281-664-1430.

Aimee Bertrand: Where did you grow up?

Troy Allen: I grew up in a few places. I was born In Louisville, Kentucky but quickly moved to Detroit, Michigan where I have some of my earliest memories. Middle school and high school were spent in Lufkin, Texas.

AB: Do you have a favorite memory from childhood?

TA: There have been two great memories that I have from growing up and getting a chance to build things. I love the opportunity to work with power tools and put stuff together. For science fair projects, my partner and I had to construct a “Rube Goldberg Machine” one year, and another year I constructed a catapult. With some parental supervision we were able to put together some impressive attempts at a first-place science fair project.

AB: Tell us about the work you did for the Texas General Land Office.

TA: I formerly worked at for The Texas General Land Office on the Government Relations team. I was able to help assist constituents, elected officials, and other stakeholders through the process of recovery from Hurricane Harvey and other storms that impacted the region.

My experience at the Texas General Land Office allowed me to gain a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge of the rebuilding and recovery process. I also gained knowledge on federal appropriations and many regulations that are placed at the city, county, state, and/or federal level.

AB: You have worked for several elected officials, of both parties, at several levels of government. What drives your interest in politics and the policy-making process?

TA: I have been able to work with and for many elected officials that have many different policy stances, but I believe that the most joy from working with these elected officials has come from their dedication to improving their communities.

I was able to work with two different city councilmen, Councilman Jerry Davis and Councilman Edward Pollard, both of whom led by example and displayed a true desire to work in their roles to improve the City of Houston.

At the state level, I worked for State Representative Trent Ashby and State Representative Jim Murphy. My experience at the Texas Capitol allowed me to work directly on topics such as special purpose districts, way and means, and education funding in the State of Texas. These topics have allowed me to have knowledgeable perspective on many policy initiatives.

The city, state, county, and federal elected officials I have worked for have all shown me that at all levels of government, the issues that are most important are local issues impacting our communities.

My greatest successes have also come in my relationships with the chiefs of staff or directors in each office. Their examples of leadership have helped shape my responsiveness and approach to policy issues. They also have, in many instances, become not only mentors, but friends.

AB: What made you decide to go to law school and how close are you to finishing?

TA: Law school is something I have always wanted to pursue. I believe that having an understanding and an ability to distinguish statutes, legal terms, and court decisions is important to identifying an issue, understanding the rules, analyzing the situation at hand, and coming to an effective conclusion.

I will graduate in 2022. I look forward to putting my degree to work on behalf of the association, as we pursue policy goals.

AB: What made you decide to come to work for GHBA?

TA: The Greater Houston Builders Association has proven to be a great partner in the community. Additionally, I believe the reputation and leadership that GHBA has puts GHBA in a strong position to advocate and provide resources on behalf of its members. I’m looking forward to helping the HOME-PAC grow to better serve the industry, by becoming an even more influential voice in local political opportunities.

AB: What are you most interested in working on with our builder members?

TA: I am excited to learn and better understand the unique concerns of each member and the issues that impact them. I look forward to being a resource to help find solutions to those concerns. I also look forward to working in GHBA’s 11-county region, which includes several communities that I was working with on Harvey recovery. I especially look forward to helping elected officials in cities and counties throughout the region better understand the challenges of homebuilding and how we can be their partners in providing quality housing for their communities.

AB: Do you have any pets?

TA: I have a 100-lbs Mastiff named Gigi. (Short for Good Girl)

AB: What do you do when you are away from the office?

TA: I enjoy discovering new workouts and spending time outdoors. I enjoy supporting local businesses by buying things I don’t need. I also enjoy traveling.

AB: What is your go-to restaurant recommendation for guests from out-of-town?

TA: For a traditional answer my go-to’s are places like Wing Quarter, a place close to University of Houston with the best wings in town, or the Breakfast Klub, a Houston institution that speaks for itself.

In Houston there are just so many cool and different types of restaurants. If it is a good weather day, my recommendation is to call a restaurant and order something to go and then drive to Memorial, Buffalo Bayou, Hermann Park, or another favorite park and enjoy the city while enjoying the food.

AB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our members?

TA: I really look forward to devoting my attention and getting to know each member. I believe that forging relationships and understanding the needs of the diverse membership will help me thrive and be an advocate for GHBA.

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